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Hannah didn’t like networking at all before taking the Masterclass. She would slowly back into a corner and disengage. She is now getting results from a completely different approach.


Even as a seasoned networker, Seb got a lot of insights into the improvements he could make. The Strategic Networking structure now enables him to evaluate what works and what doesn’t. He now knows exactly who he wants to meet to grow his business.


Joanne was feeling stale in her networking. She was looking for advice and took the class because she was curious about how applying a strategy would make her approach more successful. She enjoyed the pace and the ability to use the skills between the sessions.

The Strategic Networking Framework
A structured system that will increase your networking results.

Strategic Networking is a training and consultancy company with a new and completely unique strategic framework that helps people network with more confidence and get better results than ever before. Substantially using online courses and resources, the company easily supports business owners and sales professionals in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada.

The foundation for the company is its Strategic Networking Framework, and it is available in a six-module online masterclass. The 45 minute weekly sessions are perfectly balanced to build the layers of strategy and to enable participants to put their new skills into action immediately. The objectives are business-focussed, measurable, and add value right away. Each module is supported with a workshop to review questions and put ideas into practice. Using the framework also provides a completely different mindset for networking so that no one feels pushy and everyone feels helpful. There are ahHA! moments in every module.

You are missing out on valuable leads every day. Let us show you how networking strategically will change that. Results through relationships.... that's strategic networking.

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Meet Wendy

The founder of Strategic Networking, Wendy Lloyd Curley is passionate about people getting results, helping others and having fun when they are networking. She believes that too often people attend networking events, groups, and activities with little or no results. And she wants to change that.

“Over the years I've seen people struggle to connect and build profitable relationships when networking. They miss out on opportunities because they lack some easy to learn skills that will propel their business and relationships. They are simply not getting the return on their time and efforts with networking. I have been teaching networking skills for nearly 10 years and I'm excited to give more people access to the strategies that have been built and tested over many years.”

With extensive experience in professional networking organisations, business telecommunications companies, marketing, direct to consumer sales, training, and hospitality Wendy has a robust and unique perspective that translates well for people in all industries. Through this work, she also understands the marketing and networking needs and concerns for start-ups, small business, franchise operations, and large corporates. She has been a mentor and coach to hundreds of business owners and continues to serve as an advisor to several business founders. She contributed to the bestselling book, Building the Ultimate Network, and is currently writing her first book on Strategic Networking. Wendy has an MBA from Arizona State University and a Masters of International Management from The American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird).

The Strategic Networking Masterclass
Easy to follow, actionable strategies to help you grow your business.

Module 1

We will establish your networking goals for 2021. Begin with the end in mind.

Module 2

A detailed and comfortable descriptions of your target market and your unique selling proposition

Module 3

A detailed list of the people and companies who are well positioned to recommend your business.

Module 4

Personalise scripts of what to talk about and what to ask when you are meeting people.

Module 5

A clear path to curating deep business relationships with the right people.

Module 6

A personalised list of the events and groups that will maximise your strategic networking results.


I have just completed Wendy's '7 Steps to High Value Referrals' and I have gained so much from this workshop. It has given me direction and insight into how to select quality referrals to give to others, and in return grow my network. Wendy's presentation was delivered with knowledge, experience, warmth and humour, and provided participants with a chance to reflect and formulate a plan for their own business. I highly recommend this workshop to any business owner. Thank you Wendy!

Sonya Furlong

Centre for Life Therapies

I met Wendy Lloyd Curley in February 2014 in the launch phase of an Inner West BNI chapter and was impressed with her professionalism, organisational skills and ability to empower people. The existence of BNI Inner West Success owes it existence to Wendy Lloyd Curley who was able to see the commitment of our core group and identify the qualities required to make a solid BNI Chapter. I highly recommend Wendy as a confident, efficient and effective director and trainer within BNI and know that she has so much to offer in the various other areas that she has added value to in her professional, business and pop-culture endeavours.

Maria Di Giovanni

Iron Cove Law

I've worked with Wendy for the past 2 years and found her to be an exceptionally generous and inspirational person to be around. Her interests always seem to be about others, so it makes it easy to build meaningful and quality business relationships with someone of her mindset, energy and attitude. If you have any reason to have Wendy in your network of friends, business associates or suppliers I would strongly recommend you take the opportunity!

Bob Greenup


After teaching strategic networking for four years, Wendy has created a framework of tried-and-true principles, a skill-based curriculum to follow, opportunities to implement the skills, timely coaching and support to make tweaks and practice again, testing and measuring the results. Results through relationships. When it comes to networking, if you want to go from scared to skilled, from uncomfortable to ease, this training can transform you, your business relationships and your results.

Sandy Cantin

Redefining Network Marketing